Open to public on April 18, 1997, He Xiangning Art Museum is the first national-level art museum named after an individual. Taking the collection, exhibition and study of He’s artworks and archives as its underlying mission, He Xiangning Art Museum is academically positioned to curate, display, collect and study outstanding artistic outcomes of overseas Chinese, female and young artists, and to collate and preserve relevant archives and records on the corresponding art histories, with parallel emphasis on introducing and promoting Chinese and international contemporary art via exchange programs. With two decades of consistent efforts, it has generated a strong influence in the Chinese art and scholarly communities and Chinese society at large, built an image of contemporaneity, academic rigor and intellectual depth, and gradually established an international reputation.

To offer positions of social practice to art enthusiasts and aspirants after a career in art museum, and to encourage and support selfless dedication and public service, the museum now makes an open call for volunteers for public good to support its everyday operation.


1.Anyone over 18 with sound physical and mental health;
2.Enthusiasm for art museum, passion for work, sense of responsibility, honesty and self-motivation;
3.Good Mandarin Chinese with art literacy, with preference given to those knowing foreign language(s) or with practical experiences.


1.Priority access to exhibition preparation and latest first-hand information;
2.Priority access to public lectures and other art events organized by the museum;
3.Eligible for volunteer training for professional experiences and capacity building.


1.Understand and follow the Regulations on Volunteers of He Xiangning Art Museum and other museum regulations (including confidentiality policy and rules);
2.Dress properly and use refined language, voluntarily maintain the positive image of both the museum and volunteer work when on duty;
3.Comply with management and work assignment, earnestly and proactively finish all volunteer-related tasks;
4.One month’s notice is needed for withdrawal from volunteer service and the resigning volunteer should return the badge;
4.Strictly abide by applicable national laws, museum rules and regulations and work process during employment; any violation of law or discipline shall result in revocation of volunteer qualification and a permanent ban on future application for volunteer position. 

IV.Application Process

1.Read carefully the Regulations on Volunteers of He Xiangning Art Museum and other documents for a preliminary knowledge of the job description and requirements;
2.Please send a detailed resume and all the application materials to yanmuzi@hxnart.org, entitling the email in the format of “Application + Job Title + Name”. Museum contact: Ms. Yan, +86(755)86955402
3.The museum will recruit volunteers based on the application materials and merits. All enrolled volunteers shall begin their work after receiving basic training.


1.He Xiangning Art Museum reserves the right of interpretation of the Regulations.
2.The Regulations are effective on the day of announcement.